Frequently asked questions

Tours take about 1 Hr and 5 minutes on average. 45 minutes of this time is spent on the water.

Yes. Babies 0 and 1 years old are required to be held on the parents lap at all times.They also go on the tour free of charge.

Strollers can be securely parked next to our tour desk at the departure point on Elkhorn Avenue.

No, you are not likely to get wet and swimmers are not required. If the wind is quite strong and blowing towards you it is always possible that a few drops of salt water may reach you, but this is not common.

If you have prepaid your ticket then boarding commences 15 minutes before the departure time. If you have made a phone booking reservation then you need to arrive at our desk 45 minutes before Boarding (60 minutes before the departure time) in order to ensure your seat.

A camera at hand with an attitude of excitement, anticipation and discovery is always great to have.

On hot sunny days it is always wise to wear sunscreen and a hat. A bottle of water is also worthwhile taking with you.

Although we do have jackets on board, on the colder winter days it is always good to bring warm clothing.

These are common questions that we get. In fact the Quack’rDuck floats just like a boat and so we can go in any depth of water.

For those techno geeks -  the hull includes a lot of empty spaces (air). If the hull was solid metal then it would be heavier than the water and sink. However because the Hull is hollow, the water that the bus displaces when it enters the water is equal to the same weight of the complete bus  - so the top part of the bus always remains above the water.

You can read more abut our Duck bus here

We do not provide any food, nor do we permit food to be consumed onboard. We encourage you to bring a water bottle on board with you.

The Cypress Avenue Tram Station is the closest (only about 40 metres from Elkhorn avenue).

You can view our location here.

There are two public toilets either side of Elkhorn avenue next to the beach.
We can also supply you with a key for the Piazza complex toilets if you ask us at our desk.

Note: It is important that kids and adults alike consider going to the toilets before departing on the tour as there are no toilets on board.

You are free to choose where you sit upon boarding the Quack'R'Duck Bus. If however the tour is full and you are the last to board you may have to sit in the remaining seats.

We may be able to rearrange seating but we do not guarantee that you can sit in your group. The best policy is to arrive on or before boarding durin busy times.

Yes. Quack'rDuck has see-through blinds that cover the openings when it is raining to ensure you keep dry and comfortable. 

If the weather is significantly wet and windy the master of the ship may decide to either cancel or postpone a tour until the weather clears up for reasons of safety.

The Gold Coast is subtropical and rain cells normally last for around 20 minutes before clearing up again.

The Quack'R'Duck is a modern amphibious tour vehicle purpose built from ground up. Our vehicle incorporates road springs to maximise driving comfort on the road.

Unfortunately, the Quack'r'Duck does not have wheelchair accessibility.

Yes, indeed. Once the Quack'R'Duck is cruising along the tour, our guide will come around and offer each child a choice of body transfer tattoo. 

Kids also receive a complementary "Quack'R'Duck Spot the Difference" quiz to play and compete with family and friends. The 10 differences can be quite a challenge to spot.

You can find the Kids Quiz answers here

At Quack'R'Duck, we understand that families with young children are sure to require a little extra entertainment. We also want to provide our passengers with a little something to remember their tour by and because of this.

Therefore we offer a wide range of souvenirs on board the Quack'R'Duck duck bus. We have something for everyone; caps, visors, backpacks, whistles and more, all available for purchase.

You can view our selection of souvenirs here.

We do not have separate stops along the tour. Our only stop-off point is at our bus stop in Elkhorn Avenue.

We do not allow pets on board. Only registered service dogs may board the Quack'R'Duck tour.

Carers in Australia to do a marvelous job helping make the lives of persons living with disabilities more interesting and enjoyable. This help and dedication by carers is not always recognised and valued by the community at large. We at Quack’R’Duck support carers by offering a 50 % discount on the Companions ticket  when purchased with concession ticket, for companions in the care of persons with a disability upon presentation of their companion card. 

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