Perfect Location in the heart of Surfers!


Parking is available at the Cypress Avenue Car Park. You can leave your car at this outdoor council carpark, while you embark on your Quack‘rDuck adventure, for around $2 per hour. This carpark is easy to find as it takes up the entire block of Cypress Avenue and is just a short walk from our Departure/Arrival point in Elkhorn Avenue.

Duck Bus Gold Coast

The Gold Coast offers locals and tourists alike, some of the best scenery and most unique environments in Australia. The Gold Coast is known as Australia’s ultimate coastal city, with high-rise buildings meeting the pristine white sand beaches in a spectacular display of both man made and natural beauty. Because of this remarkable combination, it is often hard for tourists to get a true insight into the many features of the Gold Coast. The answer? Duck Bus Gold Coast tours, of course!

At Quack’rDuck we’ve developed our Gold Coast duck bus tours to provide you with a remarkable experience through the streets and waterways of this magnificent region. Journey through Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in a way that very few people experience. Our tours run by the esplanade, drive beside the picturesque beaches of Surfers Paradise and past the Narrowneck man-made surfing reef. The Quack’rDuck duck boat Gold Coast tours, allow you to view the excitement of Sea World from your raised seating position aboard our unique amphibious vehicle and gain a great perspective or the surrounding Gold Coast attractions.

Experience the incredible engineering of the Quack’rDuck Gold Coast duck bus and enter the iconic Broadwater waterway, where you can cruise past Marina Mirage and the luxury homes of Paradise Waters. At Quack’rDuck, we strive to provide all of our passengers with a memorable and unique experience that truly showcases the most famous and remarkable features of the Gold Coast. To do this, we have combined modern engineering, with military technology and a detailed knowledge of the local area. The Quack’rDuck Gold Coast duck boat is a purpose built amphibious tourist vessel. Of course our vessel has all the features necessary to ensure that you are travelling in comfort as we drive over roads, past beaches and into the idyllic waterways of the Gold Coast. Our modern vessel is also equipped with environmental safeguards such as reduced emissions and a grease-free hull, so that our beautiful waterways remain in peak condition for the next time you visit.

Here at Quack’rDuck Duck Bus Gold Coast, we aim to deliver a tour that meets all of your needs and leaves you with a memorable, enjoyable and unique experience. To make sure that we achieve this, we have identified a few things that set us apart from other tours, and a few fun facts that explore the unique history of our Gold Coast duck boat.

We offer on board duck bus Gold Coast souvenirs

At Quack’rDuck, we understand that families with young children are sure to require a little extra entertainment. We want to provide our passengers with a little something to remember their tour by and keep the kids fully engaged. We offer a wide range of souvenirs on board the Quack’rDuck duck bus to add that little extra entertainment. We have something for everyone, with caps, visors, backpacks, whistles, wristbands, soft toys, amphibious vehicle toys, photo frames all available for purchase.

Kids enjoy the free choice of body transfers and our very own Quack’rDuck Kids Quiz

Once the Quack’rduck has got wet and we are cruising the Broadwater the kids on board are offered a choice of free body transfers. First they choose between the different Quack’rDuck Characters and then decide where they would like our tour guide attach the transfer. Most kids like to have the transfer placed on the back of their hands or on their arms; however some can be more imaginative.

As well as the Body transfers the kids are given our unique Quack’rDuck Kids quiz to take home where they spot the 10 differences of two images of the Quack’rDuck as it sails past SeaWorld.

Bonus Duck Bus FAQ’s!

#1 Where exactly are you located?

Our tour desk is located on the corner of Elkhorn Avenue and Orchard Avenue in Surfers Paradise. Our Gold Coast duck bus departs from here as well, so we suggest parking in the nearby car park and meeting us here for you duck tour of the Gold Coast.

#2 How much time should I allow to get to your office before the tour begins?

If you are booking a tour with Quack’rDuck, we require that you book at least 30 minutes before your tour departs. It does get quite busy, particularly during peak times, which is why we require some notice with each booking. Boarding is 15 minutes before the Departure time. So if you have already booked and paid for your ticket then you are required to arrive on or before the boarding time.

#3 How often does your duck tour depart the Gold Coast?

Our duck bus Gold Coast tours depart every 1 hour and 15 minutes, from 10:45am until 5:00pm, so you are sure to find a time that suits you.

The Quack’rDuck duck bus Gold Coast tour lasts approximately one hour. To get the best from your tour and so you remain as comfortable as possible, we suggest that you bring a few extra things with you.

Sun protection

The Gold Coast is a warm subtropical climate, which receives quite strong sunlight. Even in the depths of winter when the temperatures are cooler, the sun is still very strong and can easily catch out unsuspecting travellers. To avoid an unpleasant case of sunburn, we advise that you bring sunscreen, a hat and even a long sleeve shirt if you are particularly prone to sunburn. We do sell caps and visors on board and the duck boat is mostly shaded, although we strongly recommend bringing at least your own sunscreen nonetheless.

Water bottle

A warm Queensland climate means that it is important that you remain well hydrated. That is why we suggest bringing a water bottle – ideally one litre, although that depends on how much you are likely to require.

Heatstroke is always a possibility in the great outdoors of Queensland, and avoiding any mishaps or dehydration means coming prepared with adequate water and sun protection.


On a lighter note, we suggest packing a camera (or your trusty smartphone) to snap some of the special sights throughout the course of the tour. We begin on land, driving past some of the Gold Coast’s most famous attractions and this is the perfect opportunity for you to take in some of the buildings and attractions that the area has to offer. We think that your camera will get quite a workout when we hit the water too, as you will be getting into the idyllic waters of Broadwater, with a perfect view of luxury homes, glorious beaches and the famous Marina Mirage.

Parking around the tour site

There is ample parking at the Cypress Avenue car park, not far from our departure point at Elkhorn Avenue. This site is a council site, however, which means that parking will cost approximately $2 per hour.

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Getting To Your Gold Coast Duck Bus Tour!

The Gold Coast international airport is around 20km south of Surfers Paradise, in Bilinga. A number of major carriers fly in and out of the Gold Coast airport, including Jetstar, Virgin, Tiger and Air New Zealand. You will also have a number of options to get you from the airport to Surfers Paradise. You can hire a car from one of the many reputable car hires at the airport, or you can take a taxi or public transport. The 761 and 777 buses depart from the airport every day and can have you in Surfers Paradise in just 45 minutes or so. Simply choose the mode of transport that suits you and you can reach the Gold Coast in no time.